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Agri Farm Corporation is a supplier of modular storage tanks and other storage products. It was established with a view to provide storage products which are simple, efficient and cost-effective. The company is customer-oriented and considers customer success as its primary target. With this view, only the highest quality products are supplied to customers. Its operations span the entire country and it is able to supply and service its customers in any part of the country including the north eastern states.

Its primary product is Modular Steel Tanks which can be supplied upto a capacity of 2500 m3 or 25.0 lakh litres. The tanks are of very high quality and manufactured in Holland. They are very easy to install and maintain. The main attraction of these tanks is the quick installation (1500 m3 can be installed in 5 days) and low prices.


The modular steel tank is a space saving, simple and durable way of storage. We deliver high quality tanks with a guaranteed long lifespan. They are easy quick and easy to install, thanks to special mounting materials and clear installation instructions.

We specialize in supplying films for excavated basins. Custom pieces of work from LDPE, PVC and polypropylene, can be made up to approx. 5,000 mВІ, which, if needed, can be welded together on location.

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