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Modular Steel Tank
Size Available
Excavated Basins
Modular Steel Tank Specification
This Flexible Polypropylene film is specially produced for the high requirements in the field of excavated water reservoirs and tankliners. Its low weight and mechanical properties, make this film wide usable. Due to its good UV stabilisation it is resistant to permanent sun radiation. ENPEX FPP is suitable for the storage of  food and drinking water. On project base the film can be supplied in 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.75 / 1.0 / 1.5 / or 2.0 mm.
Material : Flexible Polypropylene
Colour : Black
Thickness : 0,5 / 0,75 mm
Applications : Tankliners, recirculated, irrigation water, drinking, water, industrial fishfarms, fire extinguishing ponds, fish ponds, cultivation floors.
Warranty : 10 years
Test Specification Method
Density 0.890 g/cm³ ISO 1173-87
Tensile stress at break >/= 18 MPa DIN EN ISO 5271-3
Elongation at break > 250 % DIN EN ISO 5271-3
Tear resistant > 80 N/mm DIN 53515 (with cut)
Dimensional stability +/- 2  % DIN 53370 (1h / 120°C)
Cold crack temp -20°C No crack DIN 16726 5.14
Puncture resistant > 150 N FTMS 101C
Root penetration No penetration DIN 4062-1
Technique Factory Location
High Frequent No No
Hot Wedge Yes Yes
Hot Air Yes Yes
Extrusion Limited Limited
Glue No No
 Anti Algae Covers
To preserve the quality of your water, preventing algae growth or dirt to enter the water, NPI produces and supplies different types of covers.
Tensioned AA-Cover
This simple, yet effective cover, is produced from a Woven Polypropylene, with a double reinforced hem, equipped with stainless steel eyes. The tensioned AA Cover can be produced up to any required size, but are mainly used on smaller tanks (up to appr. 11 m) inside greenhouses or at sheltered areas. The cover can be provided with a reinforced centre for the use of a centre pole.
Floating AA Cover
This cover is designed to fit bigger tanks, without using force on the steel construction. It prevents algae growth and allows rainwater to permeate. The Woven Polypropylene is equipped with a flexible system to fit pipes to make the cover floating.
Material Woven Polypropylene
Quality 210 gr./m²
Main body strength Warp 40 %
Weft 40 %
Main body elongation Warp 17 %
Weft 14 %
Extrusion Limited
Size of gap 135 micron
Water permeability 10 ltr/m²/sec



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